Doweltech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
" Professional Pump Services "


- Repair and maintenance of all types 

  and brand of rotating equipment.


- Manufacture and supply new parts of 

  centrifugal pump & component parts.

Upgrade material of rotating machinery

  by reverse engineering process.

- Babbitt bearing repair & manufacture

  new bearings.


        Repair and maintenance of all type

        and brand of pumps

Rotating Equipment Service & Repair 


We specialize in the evaluation, repair, overhaul, engineering, and field assistance services as required

by our customers to support the reliable operation of their various classes of pumps.

       "Specialist in Repairing High

Pressure Centrifugal Multistage Pumps" 

Our specialties include boiler feed, circulating pumps, condensate,

cooling water pumps, process pumps, water treatment, paper stock

and descale water pumps. 


Our staff has experience not only to repair your equipment, but offer upgrades resulting in extend runtimes and reduced costs.

Full Service Capabilities


      Balancing Services       

     Laser Alignment Services

            Vibration Check  


Our Main Services

Manufacture and supply parts

of rotating equipment

Upgrade new material of any

rotating equipment

Re-Babbitting &  manufacture

new babbitt bearings

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