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Pump Parts:  Material Upgrades                                                                                                        

     Improve the performance of your old pumping equipment without the expensive changes to your foundation or piping. We offers an innovative

     array of solutions to improve the performance of your rotating equipment to include simple material upgrades or completely re-engineered

     component or complete unit.We will perform all the necessary engineering services to ensure the safety and performance of your upgraded

     or redesigned equipment.



3D laser Scanning - High speed laser probes capture over 20,000 point per second to generate large numbers of data coordinates and powerful engineering software is then used to create 3D virtual record of sample part.The resulting 3D model is used to CNC machining centers for maximum confidence in part geometry, accuracy and hydralic performance.       


     CMM & 3D Laser Scanner Spec:

   - Measurement Accuracy 0.035 mm     
   - Scanning Measurment 19,200 point/sec     
   - Red Laser System, CDRH Inter Standard 
   - Working Temperature 10 - 40 Celsius                                                                                                                 

Engineering Services  (Inspection, Analysis and 3D CAD Model)                                                                                     


     A portable CMM is a device used to inspect, reverse engineer or perform CAD-to-Part Analysis on parts and fixtures with a high degree of

    accuracy typically to the order of +/- 25um. A portable CMM can or used with a 3D Laser Scanner for high-definition, non-contact point cloud

    acquisition or in conjunction with interchangable hard probes to inspect basic geometric features as well as profiles and cross-sections.



                                      Part Inspection


                                            Part Analysis


                                                 3D-CAD Model

Obsolete Part?   Old Part?   No Problem!                                                                       

      Old worn pump casings, impellers and other used parts reverse engineered & reproduced to original dimensions, restoring hydraulic performance.

    Material upgrades, design upgrades and hydraulic modifications also available.



                Pump Casings: Cast Steel to SS316


              API Pump: Upgrade to Super Duplex             


                              Semi Open Impeller SS316 



                        Bronze Upgrade to Duplex


               Duplex Upgrade to High Chrome28%           


                               Closed Impeller SS410 

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