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Babbitt Bearings Repair                                                                                                             


     We specializes in the Rebuilding, Repairing, Rebabbitting, Reverse Engineering and Custom Manufacturing of Babbitt Bearings.

     Having worked on almost every babbitt bearing in every application, We have babbitt procedures to repair your babbitt bearing

     to OEM specifications and in some cases improve on them.

Centrifugal Casting

Static Casting

TIG Repair


     Centrifugal Casting 

     Babbitt is spun to the bearing housing in spin fixtures actuated by variable speed drive units. The units allow casting at the precise

     optimum speed for maximum bonding strength and highest percentage of bond.   


     Static Pouring 

     We pours each bearing in one continuous pour. This eliminates the possibility of lamination in the babbitt which could cause premature

     bearing failure. 


     TIG & Oxygen Acetylene Repair 

     Available at customer request.    

Quality Assurance and Control   


    Quality Assurance and Control is our First Priority. Babbitt Bearings of all types are Centrifugally Cast and Machined to meet or exceed the

    original manufacturer's specifications. Bearing shells are carefully examined for mechanical flaws and purified. Our Certified Technicians use

    ultrasonic testing (UT) and dye penetrant inspection (PT) to guarantee babbitt-to-shell bonds



                                                 Ultrasonic Testing (UT)



                                  Dye Penetrant Testing (PT)

Type of Babbitt Bearings: 


   - Cylindrical Bearings  

   - Pump Plain Bearings        

   - Journal Bearings        

   - Motor Plain Bearings

   - Turbine Bearings

   - Generator Bearings

   - Tilting Pad Bearings

   - Fan Bearings

   - Thrust Bearings       

   - Elliptical Bearings

   - Pressure Dam Bearings

   - Spherical Plain Bearings






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